By Prim. Dr. Tome Tasevski

For many years now, and surely in future, the dental implants are and will be the best solutions for replacement of missing teeth. They are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth which look, feel and function like natural teeth. As magic, they are changing the way people live because the person who has lost his or her teeth regains the ability to eat virtually anything. What is most important because of the beauty of the fixed artificial teeth and the facial contours preserved the patients with dental implants can and will smile with great confidence again.

There are also many doubting dentists who if you are one maybe it’s time for you to start doing implants because your patients are asking about them and as addition to that there are neighboring dentists promoting implants and acquiring new patients. Do not tell your patients that the implants are wrong procedure or that will have problems with his/her oral or overall health because in that way you are losing them. The demand of implants are growing day by day and the public already knows that the implants have the highest success rate in dentistry, over 96%, so my suggestion to you is don’t wait but ask the main question: How to do it? Well, you can self-educate in implants, but the best and proper way to do it is in a formal educational centers or in a specialized made courses because implants are a specialized procedure and there you will learn it the best. Yes, you must educate and invest in yourself , invest also into proper equipment, everything in order to become the best at implant dentistry, but believe me, it’s worth it.

Your second question, as a dentist, will be: Which implant system should I buy and use? Well, go to any dental products exhibition, visit some local dealers, consult with a colleague of yours or at the end visit several web sites and you’ll see a bewildering array of implant products in various shapes, sizes and materials with assorted implantation equipment and support products. Companies employ skilled marketers to best explain their products and favorably differentiate them from other systems. As for me, most important is company support and it really doesn’t matter which implant system you are going to use but the simplified implant sets, implant protocol and the variations in the size and shape of implants become relevant for the exceptions, such as patients with low bone volume.

So, here we are coming to my topic. Namely, in my practice, every single day, I am always irritated on the patients questions: Which kind of implants do you use and from where are they i.e. which country?

Let’s break it!

Who gives these ideas of questions to the patients? Of coarse, some dentists, and way do they do it? First, because if you say Germany or Switzerland or Sweden to a patient, then he is assured that regarding by the brand country manufactured that the implant is with top quality and they will never lose it. This is, by me, very wrong! Why? Where are such studies made i.e. for example: Israeli or American dental implants versus German or Swiss?
Second, every dentist wants to protect it’s own investment as an implant sets etc. but again this is, by me, wrong. Why, simple not to have several sets? Why not to invest in several implant systems so you as a dentist can offer a variations of implants to your patients? You will say, NO, it is very expensive! I’ll say, YES, because you will have more variations of implants sizes and shapes, and YES you will have your own competition. Plus, you will protect yourself against back-orders, recalls and other production and supply problems.
And finally, third is the price! Of coarse, it is not the same when you say to a patient: I am working with Italian or Turkish implants. People believe in the country as a brand so in that way the price will be increased regarding the country brand. Very funny!

My dear readers, the simple truth is that all companies sells the “magic” material called TITANIUM so whatever shapes and contours as major features promoted by manufacturers are really does not matter very much because the TITANIUM do a superior job of fusing with the jawbone.

Many companies also promotes their implants because of their geometry design as the most successful for immediate loading. Maybe is just about the implant surface treatment which plays good role in the success of bone integration, but, at the end, maybe it is just because the material they use is titanium because, up to now, I think, no one has implemented the technology over some alloy and got results. Many studies has shown that implants used from several manufacturers, different shapes and contours, were placed and over 5 years follow ups the success rate was over 97%.

In the past years, the most significant changes were made into the implant protocols i.e. making the implant sets simplified in number of steps and drills. This, together with the Piezo technology makes the implant procedure very non-traumatic for the bone because it suffers less trauma, and also, the time spent into the procedure is less consuming. The material as an implant still remains titanium.

My personal choice as a dentist and believe is in all brand names manufacturers because as leaders in that field they always must provide innovations and look for the best as for the dentist as and for the patient. Especially that all major companies keep very high quality control check of their products.

So, by all of this above mentioned, my dear readers, do not believe at all what some dentists say about from where or what kind of shapes and contours are used as dental implants but always believe in the doctor who has invest quite a knowledge and especially experience in the implant dentistry. Every skilled and experienced doctor always knows what is the best for its patient and will offer him/her a variations of possibilities in order to make every patient functional, satisfaid and happy. Namely, that is our main purpose, to serve you at the best !

I have named our page implantME and it’s only purpose is to promote, inform and show you everything you need to know regarding dental implants and implant procedures in order not to be “played off” by someone and only YOU to be educated and decide more easier and get your implants even today. Also, because of it’s contents it will help dentists more easily to be informed regarding news and new innovations from the Implant industry.

Thanks for your minutes spend here, hope you like it and learned something more!

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